Other Ways to Give to CASA...
Sponsor the purchase of toys or books to help volunteers engage with the kids they serve, and to help kids celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and adoptions. If you're interested in this option, please contact us for more details.
Hold a fundraiser for CASA. Examples of fundraisers that have been held on CASA's behalf in the past include a silent auction and a "dine out" where a certain percent of all purchases at a restaurant on one day are donated to CASA. The are many ways to hold a fundraiser including everything from a car wash to a social media campaign. If you have an interest in conducting a fundraiser with CASA as the beneficiary, please contact us.
Put us in contact with your workplace, faith-based community, cultural club, or other group so we can make a presentation about volunteering and/or donating and so we can build community awareness about this cause. If you would like CASA to speak at your workplace or group please contact us.
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